Violet Poison – All are Welcome in the House of Lust [Candela Rising] | Review



Francesco Baudazzi’s (Bakunin Commando, Diana Berti, Obtane) Violent Poison have a quite characteristic approach to Techno. In my opinion his productions were always far from the Orthodox methods,and always tried to push his sounds closer to futurist experiments. While analog-like sounding production became a stronger influence trough the Techno scene,he gave a pretty interesting twist to this.
“All are Welcome in the House of Lust” is gave me pretty hard time to interpret.It has that feeling a bit like a middle finger to that trending “T-909,hell yeah,we are in the 90’s again” production. After at last 10 times listen, i have realized that he “just” put that whole futurist-lo-fi-industrial production,which is his trademark, back to somewhere between the proto-techno and early acid era. Trough this four track ep,i have that feeling that i’m jumping back and forth between the 90’s early “rave” era-like wildness,and the 80’s horror-movie like sounding synth-pop.Also at the same time i have undoubtedly the feeling like i was “watching” a sci-fi movie from the 80’s. We all are remember those movies,and their unique perspective about the future.A bit like Blade Runner with its cyberpunk atmosphere.Personally it feels a bit inappropriate to try to describe this more detailed,since i was really young both on these era’s,so my knowledge is really deficient. At the same time i have to admit that like most of us,i like to dive in the atmosphere of these ages time to time,so i’m pretty sure,that those who likes the “Out Of Box” experience in music will definitely will like this EP.

A1. The Yearning
A2. The Gaze
B1. The Foreplay
B2. The Act

Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering