Review | Zeitgeber – Monad XX /Stroboscopic Artefacts/



Stroboscopic Artefacts is one of my secret all time favorite labels. The releases which came out there are all represents the innovative side of Techno,much more personal experiences,and not exactly dancefloor oriented themes.
And the personal experience is the key,because the understanding of Techno music has many levels. To dance to a catchy groove, the drums,is maybe just the entrance to this world, Its a call and the language for the body. But is there deeper levels of understanding,that leads the sound to the inner core of hidden thoughts in the mind? The answer is definitely yes,in my opinion. The collaboration of Lucy and Speedy J under the name of Zeitgeber is more like a travel to the subconscious, this time trough 4 tracks. Its hard to define the feeling what i have during the album. It feels sometimes the you travel trough the entire galaxy of unknown,while you are still in a warm of womb. So peacfull,so calm,so elegant. The whole universe collapsed peacefully into audio singularity,and these tracks are emerged from them. Strange and yet still comforting feeling has possessed me, while i was listening this four track. Four different vision,and they still breath as one,more than just Techno,its also a futurist statement.
Stroboscopic Artefacts is released again an excellent material without doubt,and if you a fan of the label,you will not be disappointed.


Tracklist: Zeitgeber – Monad XX (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

01.Zeitgeber – At The End Of The World
02.Zeitgeber – An Extraordinary Man
03.Zeitgeber – Absent Minded
04.Zeitgeber – Quantum Verse