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Metha is in the Techno scene since been a long time here in Hungary,and although i heard his name pretty much,somehow i never heard him in live,or even one of his tracks. After i got his new EP from his own label “Be Massive Records”, i have to admit,that i was surprised a little bit.Im consider myself as someone who’s up to date mostly about the scene, but also i’m not going to lie,that i’m much more into Banging things in Techno. But i’m also open minded about every quality aspects of Techno,no matter if its Tech-House or Deep Techno.
But enough about my background story, lets focus on the facts. After i was listened several times the “Alfa EP”,i heard definitely something,that is on the level,what necessary to be on the international scene. The catchy groove,the perfect build up,rich sounding, the whole recording shows the marks of a talented producer. I also find it very good,that he’s not going too “soft” and its easy to recognize that we listen Techno music. Most of the producers are easily lost,and get to far from the roots,when they “hop on the train” of trending soundinga,so it quite refreshing to hear someone, who knows what he’s doing. The EP contains two track,one is the original,and the other one is a remix from Gaga,which one is a little bit more “deeper”,suits well more for afterparty’s,in my opinion. From this type of Techno is my second favorite after Coyu’s remix for Green Velvet & The Japanese Popstars “Matter Of Time” track.
If Metha keeps working on that way,im pretty sure,that he will get a growing audience inside and outside of Hungary.


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