Review | Kevin De Vries – Platon EP [AD042]



Kevin De Vries – Platon EP

Kevin De Vries is one fine example of a real musician. His first EP was released on our label Art Style: Techno Records back in 2014. In the past 1,5 year he was progressively building up his knowledge and carrier. Since the first release, he continues his goal to build up his own sound which is a mixture of intelligent and moody Techno.

Comparing Platon EP to his previous releases, he is more focused on the minimalistic approach, while trying to create the same elegant moody atmosphere. The kick lines are softer, giving much more space for the synth lines to fill in. Instead of the ringing “bell” sounds, which is pretty usual among the producers working with intelligent Techno, he is trying to represent that intelligence in a different way. Relaxing and rich sounding, nothing too harsh, nothing more or less than needed, just the perfect balance. My personal favourite track is “Platon”, which has it’s own mysteriously uniqe atmosphere.

Hearing this release was quite refreshing, as it stands out from the mass production of the same ringling-tinkling intelligent Techno tracks of every producer these days.


Releasedate: 28th September
W/P by Kevin de Vries
Artwork: beeple
Label: Arts Digital


01. Platon
02. Hoax
03. Mythos