Review | Jonas Kopp ‎- HHH EP [TRESOR]



On the mention of the true, underground techno, there are a few producers and labels that someone who really knows techno can think of in a moment. For sure, among those names are definitely Jonas Kopp and Tresor…especially when they come in pair.

Tresor is a club and a label, but what it actually is – an institution! The club was born back in 1991 in Berlin, Germany, and since than to this day it remains one of the biggest pillars of underground dance music and it’s culture of Europe. When Tresor established the connection with Detroit sound founders, everything changed. It became a place where DJs, producers and music from different parts of the world met and interacted at the same place. And the history was made…

Later that same year, Tresor Records label was born, and their first release was the “Sonic Destroyer” by Underground Resistance. Just as the club, the label soon became highly respected as well, having reseases and albums from some of the worldwide greatest artists like Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Robert Hood, Sterac, Blake Baxter, Surgeon, Neil Landstrumm, DJ Hell, Juan Atkins, James Ruskin, Rumenige, Loktibrada, Octave One, Pacou, Oscar Mulero, Regis, Karl O’Connor, Fumiya Tanaka and many many more, to this day. There are also various compilations that made their impact, like the historical “Tresor II: Berlin-Detroit: A Techno Alliance”, the legendary “Tresor Compilation” series, as well as their mix CDs like “A Decade Of Underground”, “Sturm und Drang”, “Globus Mix”… Having a great impact in the world’s dance music and it’s history for more that two decades now, Tresor remaines strictly underground all these years, keeping their “quality instead of quantity” motto ever since. As I said, Tresor is an institution.

There is another great and renowned artist who released some of his work on Tresor Records. His name is Jonas Kopp, and he is the one I want to talk about, because his brand new EP is released on this respectable label.

Jonas Kopp is not just an artist name, it also stands for a very distinctive, both inovative and old school flavoured sound of techno, ambient and house. This Berlin based Argentinian is on the scene for years as a genre defying artist in form of a DJ, producer and a live act, always pushing his own boundaries with an impressive list of releases, remixes and albums. And his sound perfectly fits the Tresor sound…

This four track, club oriented release called “HHH” is just wonderful. “Khaa” is a great driving 135 bpm track with a hypnotic arpeggiated synth and bursting hi hats, underlined with a sharp and piercing kick drum…this one is a floorfiller.

The second track called “Nhan” is a bit calmer, but it’s acidic, too. When you hear this one in a club, you will feel this distorted 808 bass drum booming inside you, and the spacey synth sounds will make you close your eyes and just drift away.

The “Hank” track’s heavy beat is more pounding than groovy, but I’d say it’s both for sure. A nice subtle pad keeps the atmosphere, while the clap and the ride do the ups and downs of the track.

The rim shot sounds like a time bomb clock in the track named “Nekh”. Deep kick and a tom in the lower end, followed by flamming snare and resonating noise filtered up and down make this one kind off a trippy track.

All of these four tracks have one thing in common – the beats are, for the most part, made out of 808 and 909 sounds, and have that true vintage and analogue feel, which is exactly what Jonas Kopp’s signature sound is all about. The remaining track in this release is “Sinistro”, and it’s a beautiful ambiental blend of arpeggiated and delayed synths and atmospheric pads with very calming melodies and effects. “HHH” EP is so nicely put together that it sounds more like a mini album that just a release.

Once more, Jonas delivers outstanding and flawless production, while having it relesed on a label such as Tresor Records is a perfect proof of his quality to the whole techno scene, and to himself, too . There is no point to rate this release, because it’s out of the usual categories, just like the label it’s released on. Long live the Tresor and thumbs up for Mr. Kopp!

A1 Khaa
A2 Nhan
B1 Hank
B2 Sinstro

Review by : Indy Slide