Review | Dino Kasunic – Synthetic [Klinik Room]



In this vast world of music and numerous artists that deliver us the sounds we love, there were always those respected more or less renowned names that are present in the scene for years. But if you look at it the right way, the fact is that the future actually lies in the new, young and aspiring artists who continue the legacy by developing new sounds, often bringing us some brilliant and inovative refreshments. This time the attention is pointed to this kind talents…

As well as young artists, there are also younger labels, and among them we tend to discover some excellent, hard working labels, that shine with a certain quality and virtues, like giving attention to quality newcomers. One of these labels is certainly Klinik Room Recordings from Croatia. Founded in 2012 and rising quite fast, having quite quality techno releases from artists both from their homeland and abroad. This label also has it’s sublabels which we will write about in another occasion, but the virtue they all have is dedication to underground sounds. As Klinik values new and uprising producers, they discovered a few great ones with this new release…

Dino Kasunic from Croatia is only 21, but he alredy does such good production. I’ve heard some of his tracks and I was literaly blown away, three of them are released on Italo Business, which is quite a big label. This release on Klinik Room, called “Synthetic”, features an original mix of “Synthetic” track and two remixes.

The original mix is kind of sound you can expect from Dino, rolling techno beat, dark and haunted-like atmospheres and a twisted melody, a break with some ofbeat which raises and drops back to the heavy beat. The first remix comes from Posljednji Odmetnik aka The Last Outlaw, and it’s nothing less than great. He made it with a long intro which transfers to some dirty industrial madness and distorted banging rhythm. Boris Bero’s remix on the other hand is bit different. Hard,heavy, booming kick in offbeat, horror-like atmospheres and winds. When the melody comes in the break, the track gets even darker and it’s like it pulls you in…

These guys are really great producers and I think we will be hearing much more from them. They all have upcoming releases and are working hard on their sounds, and thanks to labels like Klinik Room Recordings, they have a chance to progress and move forward. Check out their other releases too, they have lots of great music.

Dino Kasunic – Synthetic [Klinik Room Recordings] is featured in Beatport Hard Techno, and is available as digital.

Review by : Indy Slide