Review | Binny – Mispress EP [Monnom Black]



When we talk about techno, inovation and experimentation with the sound is what we all love to hear. But on the other hand, if it’s crafted with respect, gratitude and care, the revival of those nostalgic sounds from the past can be quite equally great as the new stuff. As I am a DJ for a long time now, constantly digging for tracks all around the internet, I see and hear how techno develops and evolves literally daily. There are numerous outstanding productions from older well known and respected DJ/producers who have their singature sounds and styles, but what really amazes me are some of those newer and younger artists who appeared in the scene not so long ago, and yet their music sounds like it came from the past, but still has that modern touch…and this EP is just what I’m talking about!

Binny joined the scene just a few years ago, but he already made his mark. Listening to his music, it becomes pretty obvious that his inspiration comes from old school sounds of Detroit and Chicago. His latest, and in my opinion the best yet work, is a four track “Mispress EP” which is released on one of my favorite labels, Monnom Black. All tracks are absolute floor filling peak time bangers with that pristine analogue sounds of vintage machines and synths, and they all share a bit of the funk feel. “Quarantine” and “Outline” are more bassline based, with beautiful arpeggios pierced by distorted kicks. As for the rest two, “Event Horizon” and “Mispress”, I would simply describe them as Jeff Mills-like tracks, as that is just what they sound like with those Detroit melodies and rhythms.

I have heard most of Binny’s productions and they are all great, both techno and housey stuff, but I would say he just outdid himself with “Mispress EP”. He is definitely an artist to have eyes and ears on and I think we can expect much more great things from him. As for the Monnom label, for some time now it’s among the first on my list to check out, cause their releases never disappoint. Techno and nothing but techno, in various forms, and yet always strictly underground. Labels and artists like these two make it very obvious that techno is becoming bigger than it ever was.

Binny – Mispress EP is out on digital and vinyl.


1. Mispress

2. Outline

3. Quarantine

4. Event Horizon

Review by : Indy Slide