Remco Beekwilder – LSD EP /MONNOM010/ | Review


Remco Beekwilder is quite a new name in the Techno scene,although his experiences in music production are stretching back to 2006.With 7 releases behind his back we got a pretty mixed picture about his music.Raw,energetic Techno, with a lots of experiments,and a little touch of Hardcore.And during the years he always tried to polish a bit further his production,while still keeping his unique style.His upcoming EP titled “LSD” is continues to go on this line.
The opening track LSD is starts with a dominating raw hardcore(ish) drums,with a little Acid, packed in a gloomy evil atmosphere,everything is in order to kick out the wall.
“Concrete Jungle” is a bit chance to catch your breath,mid/late 90’s Thunderdome like evil synth with a lot more sophisticated drums,and a nice lead.
“Rave Mood” is another floor killer,and as the title speaks for itself,you quickly catch the mood for “banging”. Violent,aggressive,powerful,perfect!
“Human Mind” is a really intelligently built up track. With a percussion that reminds me the Collabs era of Chris Liebing & Speedy J,maybe even to Eric Sneo’s mid 2000 productions, but the whole thing is perfectly reinterpreted and adapted in Remco’s vision and stlye.
Comparing to his previous works, Remco Beekwilder was definitely advanced further, his production now holds a lot less experimental elements, and focusing on to clear out his own style.

Release date : June 9th

a1. LSD
a2. Concrete Jungle
b1. Rave Mood
b2. Human Mind