MIKADROID | Interview



– Please introduce yourself, what should we know about you?

– Hi! 🙂 I’m Mikadroid from Serbia/Novi Sad, my real name is irrelevant 🙂

Nothing special about me, i’m an old( but not that old) 🙂 Hardcore (Holland) Gabber, Speedcore, Industrial, Techno, Electronic, etc. fan guy).

– Since when you do produce music?

– Since mid 90’s, but in late 90’s i was much better with my skills, so let’s say late 90’s.

– What’s your technique to make your own tunes?

– I have no technique, i do whatever i want, and i hope someone would enjoy in my madness :).. No, i’m joking with this madness word, i really hope someone would like what i say with my music.

– Which softwares do you use to make your sounds?

– One and only FL 11, but in the old days i was working in many other softwares, and know them all!

– Have you any external devices what help your work? Synthesizers, controllers, pedals?

– In techno music no (sometimes midi controller), i recently sold all of my hardware machines (machinedrum, monomachine, Blofeld), and kept X-Station, because it’s a great midi controller+synth.

But all of those machines i have used in live is for my other project, with a different name:

Mika Technika, and with that name i do all kind of electronic music, for example:

IDM, Glitch, Experimental, Ambient, etc.

– Do your work or did you worked before with other artists?

– Before new project with my friend Avoid aka Vladimir Acic, we collaborate behind the name: Avoid & Mikadroid.

I also have one track with my friend Lag, and that track is called “Drvo” and it’s an old tune, but a good one. 🙂

I have done live acts as Mika Technika, as i said before my machines, but now as Mikadroid, no one wants that kind of techno in Serbia to be played in club, my friend Slox says that i spin “Nazi Techno”, i don’t hear “Nazi”, i hear heavy banging industrial techno.

– Did you learn music or how to play on instruments?

– No, i don’t have any background knowledge about music, and i don’t play on any instruments, but when i need some melodies, i use scale charts so i can manipulate with melodies, or whatever. 🙂 Hacking is ok. 🙂

– Could you name artists who you like, inspire you?

– In the old techno days , there was a few: “Slobodan” and “Brixton”

Now? No one, unfortunately.

In other genres, there ware more: Autechre, Afx, Squarepusher, Datach’i, Venetian Snares…

– How many releases do you have?

– I’m not sure, 4 or 5, till now (maybe more, I don’t no), but some of those releases were test releases as i call them, because i was testing something (secret), and i have never been like to work with labels, till now. 🙂

– Is there anything else over music which you express yourself with?

– There is, but it is a long story, just a snippet: i like religious texts, especially Bible.

– Any further plans for the future?

– My plan is always to make music and to play to people my choice of techno, i hope my wish comes true. 🙂

You can always contact me on: mikadroidtechno@gmail.com

– Many thanks for the interview, best wishes to you and keep up the good work!


Interview by:

Kálmán Decsi
Industrial Philharmonics
Head Manager