Joton – R3silient – Part 1 /NRLTD017/ | Review



The Spanish DJ and producer Joton has been around since decades with his productions. His label Newrhythmic was founded back in 2005,and will release his second full length album  “R3SILIENT” which is a 3 part opus from Joton. Although im not familiar with the label releases,Joton’s name was always a mark for quality productions to me. As he describes, this album his most ambitious project,and it took 2 years to make it. After several listen, i can assure everyone, that this is a definitely perfectly and carefully crafted material.
The 6 tracker release starts with a 3 minute intro “Challengue in Mars” with soft a mellow sounds & atmosphere,helps a lot to get in the mood instantly.
The next track “Facing horizont” is grab us to the journey with perfectly balanced and polished percussion plays and a moderate synth lines. Carefully placed 909 claps are helping to keep up the dynamics of the track.Feels like we are not just facing the horizon, we are moving towards it, above the ground,elegantly.
“Innate Protection” is a change to a darker tones,to a sinister atmosphere. Harsh metallic sounds are increasing the tension,and at this point i feel the good old satisfaction. It requires a lots of talent, if you are making a conceptional release, to produce such self explaining songs. When sounds are perfectly telling the story,by moving the imagination.
“Dystopic Dreams” is a bit of a breath from the surrounding darkness. With mellow trance like melody,and pulsating techno rhythms.We are at the edge of dreams and reality.Probably it sounds ambivalent, if you are looking at the title and hearing the music,since the very meaning of dystopian societies are always related to undesirable or frightening future. But lets take a look at it from  different viewpoint.In literature and cinematic such futures are always built up around a story,where everything looks perfectly,but later the protagonists have to face with the harsh reality of the repressive system, where individuality and independent thoughts are not tolerated. In my understanding this track is trying to catch this very dream like state.the moment before realization of the surrounding world.
The following track is a remix from Electric Rescue for the previous song,and honestly,he did a god damn good job. The remix is so perfectly fits in the line, continues the whole atmosphere. Its just like a second part of “Dystopic dreams”, when the walls of dreams are slowly shattering, the reality slowly sneaks in.
The release last track is “Stoic Attitude”, with stringent,elegant,and intelligent sound design, still being faithful to both of the album,and to the philosophy of the album.
Joton was perfectly shown to me his talent (again) with this release, and im not just talking about the natural born capability to feel the music. Im talking about the knowledge, and the intelligence behind the production,the real maturity and experience, he knew how to create such art which make me think, and thats the art what is really my favorite.

RELEASE DATE : 12/06/2017


1.Challengue in Mars 03:03
2.Facing the horizont
3.Innate protection
4.Dystopic dreams
5.Dystopic dreams (Electric Rescue Rmx)
6.Stoic attitude