Jonas Kopp – Photon Belt [TRESOR293] | Review



The Argentinian producer Jonas Kopp was always known for unique sounds and methods both as producer and DJ.With a numerous singles and EP’s behind his back, he was returned to Tresor to release his second full length album.
The main concept of the album is built up around cosmic phenomenons,and brings us to a journey trough 10 tracks.Based om his recent ambient works,and his ambient side project/alias TELLURIC LINES,i was expecting something that pushing the boundaries of techno even further.Although we find these ambient elements on the album, represented trough “Electrons Spitting”, “Bridge to the Star”, “Targeta”,its clear that he dont want blend the borders between his side project and his main work. Even the Techno based tracks are has definitely different kind of experimental approach, to enrich the Techno foundations of his music.He is intentionally reach for conventional tools of Techno to build up the spine of his tracks,and only spices up with a little bit of unorthodox methods to help us to comprehend the message behind the tracks.Its clear the Jonas are perfectly balancing on the edge of art,where is just one step ahead to turn everything incomprehensible self expressionism,while in the other moment he takes two step back from the edge,and keeps a safe distance .At the other hand, do not think that this album is just a cushy production to fulfill the needs of the fans.Its definitely a production of an experienced musician,and do not fool yourself thinking that the album cant tell you something new, even after listening 5th times in a row. And at that point you can comprehend the reason why is Jonas Knopp is so successful trough all these years.It takes a brilliant mind to produce something in Techno music these days, to stand the test of time.


a1 Electrons Splitting 01:44
a2 Projections From Alcyone 05:02
a3 Tuning Frequency 05:29
b1 Galactic Core 05:34
b2 Aile 04:59
c1 Photon Belt 04:48
c2 Into The Manasic Belt 01:20
c3 Bridge To The Stars 05:46
d1 Taygeta 02:36
d2 5 D World 06:05