Interview | Dominik Stuppy



Dominik Stuppy. DJ and Producer,playing both Techno and Hardtechno, signed artist to labels like AudioCode Rec, Schubfaktor Music, HFU Records, PCP Records, Electronic District, Techdics House Audio, Kopfschmerz Records, BlackBeats Records, Bonehead Records. Before his second guest mix on our radio, we talked about his past, future plans,and influences.

Greetings Dominik. I read in your biography that you get in touch with electronic music at very young age.Who was your first influence on that genre?

-When I was 10 years old, I learned to play the keyboard. Because of all the commercials on TV (Dream Dance, Future Trance, Thunderdome) I had first contact with electronic music. I’ve memorized the songs and replayed them on my keyboard. Mainly songs in the Dance and Trance genre such as: Faithless, RMB, Sunbeam, Blank & Jones, Cosmic Gate, and more.

When did you decided to became DJ/producer?

-I’ve always dreamed of to be a DJ / producer. I’ve looked at the music video of “Viva Club Rotation” and live broadcasts of the “Love Parade” or other festivals and thought to myself that I want to do that too! So I started to save money for my first DJ setup. With 17 years it was time. From then on, I spent all my money on records and locked me in my room. In the course of years had the music faster and harder to be. Techno, Hardtechno Schranz called 🙂 !!!
Influences of Chris Liebing, Carl Cox, Dj Rush, Umek, Dave Clarke and more have inspired me. I have placed in diverse Internet radios and after some time I got my first chance in a small club to play there. From then on I had more and more opportunities to put my skills in clubs throughout Germany demonstrated.

2013 I was thinking that I want to achieve a lot more. I started my own music to produce and have worked together for a short time at renowned label and with well-known producers.

I love my music and I am pleased that so many people support me and celebrate my music.

What Does Techno means to you?
-Techno means to show feelings for me. I live the music and recognize myself in the tracks I produce. Depending on my tracks to be gloomy, aggressive or very soulful. Epic melodies, gentle sound, or turn fast, loud and distorted. Furthermore Techno means cohesion for me. I see the people from the stage and all celebrate together. True to the motto “Love, Peace & Unity”.

You showed some real good skills on both Hardtechno and Techno,but which one do you like more?
-I produce Techno and Hardtechno for only one reason: I like both very much and can not decide. If I had to choose a genre I could give no answer.

Who’s your favourite artists?
-Techno: Diatek, Fressfeind, Luix Spectrum, Matt Mus, Gene Karz
Hardtechno: Jan Fleck, Viper XXL, O.B.I., Sutura, Boris Schalk

Whats your future goals?
-Play at international festivals and infect more people with my music.

What your dream place is, where do you like to play?
-Fabrik – Madrid, Toxicator Festival – Mannheim
There are many festivals and great clubs where I’d like to play. All this would take days to enumerate.

Thanks for the interview,do you got any message to the fans out there?
-Love peace and unity!
Hear down on you all to each other obstacles in the way. Prefers to work all together. Thus, everyone has more of it!

Thank you!