Flug | Interview

With the recently released “In Safe Hiding” LP.Flug aka. Sebastian Lopez has made  another impressive mark on his Carrier. We asked him about his work, the Techno scene,and of course about the new LP.
It’s been 6 years since your first LP “Somewhere On My Head” was released. How do you feel about that time and what happened in the meantime in your life?
Many things changed from 6 years ago, I lived many experiences that changed my life, I improved my way of working and I’m constantly shaping the way of my life from the little things to the big ones. I always like to think that the best knowledge comes from your own mistakes.

Your new studio album, which turned out to be quite experimental, just came out on Nachtstrom Schallplatten. Can you tell us something about the idea and concept behind the album?

Yes, I get asked that question a lot lately. People were really surprised about the new album sounds, but throughout my career, I made tons of tracks like these which I never released. I feel that this is the perfect moment to bring my hidden sounds to the audience.
And to be honest, I really didn’t have an end concept in mind. But I had an objective, I just wanted to put all pretenses and stereotypes to one side and use the time as an opportunity for creative respite. I felt I needed to challenge myself one more time in a way that was totally different from what I was used to doing.
Flug - In Safe Hiding (Album Artwork Front)
During the years, your tracks and remixes appeared on some really big techno imprints. What was the reason to release the album on Nachtstrom Schallplatten in the end?
I think a label that has more than 130 vinyls in its catalogue, and more than 200 releases in its history, like Nachtstrom Schallplatten is a big BIG label.To be honest from the beginning I didn’t have a particular label in mind, and I was simply looking for someone who I could trust and that really believed in the music and the idea itself. Luckily, Fabian asked me if I could do a remix for his Label Nachtstrom, we started to talk about the album, I showed him 5 or 6 tracks and he was already asking me to release it on his label. I felt that the connection was immediate and totally natural so i just went with my gut feeling. And yes, I think I made the right decision, because so far it is the most professional label that I have worked with.
What does techno music mean for you personally? 
Freedom. Culture. A life style. And many many black Tees.
When and why have you decided to start a career as dj/producer?
I’ve been surrounded by music ever since i can remember, coming from a musical family and I started to produce around the age of 14. I realized it was a risky decision to make producing into a career but i just couldn’t see myself being happy doing anything else
What kind of gear and software do you use for your studio production?
Most of the time, I’m experimenting with the Elektron Machines, I really love these particular toys. I also use Roland’s Aira product line a lot. And of course, virtual instruments and plugins are an essential part of my studio gear.
How do you see the future of techno? 
I see a future full of new producers, new sub genres, and many undiscovered talents, that will benefit from the arrival of new and cheap technologies. I love to see how the youth, instead of wasting time in front of a computer playing stupid war games, can simply make music with a software today. However, there is lot of junk music influencing them, and they might get lost into a kind of music messed up, with big and ridiculous stereotypes, false “artists” that are only here for the million dollar business. This worries me, but i’m optimist and surely we will survive.
What are your plans for the upcoming years?
I’m creating my own imprint, which will see the light of day soon. I have confirmed my participation on a V/A EP called “Transmission” on Soma. And for the first time in my career, I’m working in a live show. Enjoying life and trying to live the present as much as I can.