Christian Wünsch – Sadistic Rituals LP [Tsunami Records] | Review



Christian Wünsch is one of the few artist,who’s influence of music,determined my taste, and orientation in Techno.It was always a cross section of a perfectly elegant mechanic atmosphere,the asymmetric kick & bass bases, and the experimental pure “Science Lab Techno”. Along with Oscar Mulero,Regis,Surgeon and others,they created the perfect intelligent Techno. I can not write about his work with objectivity,but probably its not necessary.With such a rich discography,and with two decades work as a producer,its an obvious question, what else is left to tell us? If i recall correctly,Sadistic Rituals is only the 4th LP in the line of Mr. Wünsch works. The new LP is continues the prove and reinforce the simple fact, that he’s works are still capable to provide the same quality and modest dystopianism,just like he did always.There are no forced progressivism, or complete change in the approach of producing a music.Although we can’t deny the fact, that his music obviously changed trough the years.Sadistic Rituals is a pure concept album,which build around all the forms of physical and sexual abuse.To be honest, it took me some time to truly comprehend, why is so two faced the whole album. Im even confused in my thoughts, to find the reason why are there pretty hard kick under modest percussion’s,synths,leads. Or why is hard to categorize for me the atmosphere of the ambients,i was unable to decide that they are dark or not. The true enlightenment were came to mind only when i was dug into the presskit,and read this part
“In their most extreme form, Sadistic Rituals and aspects of the occult involve a worldwide network organization within the world’s most powerful and wealthy elite in which individuals are abducted for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution.”
This is where i’ve realized,that the album is more like a journey trough in the mind and feelings of a victim and his elite sadist .The senseless hearth, the elegance,and the monsters behind the wealth. And i think this is a pretty interesting approach to tell stories about this theme. Theres no such forced fear just like in the movies,like the Silence of the Lambs. Dizzy thoughts, blurry images,consciousness disturbance,all together in their pure form,without any unnecessary theatrical elements,without drama.The story of the sadist and the victim,as they degraded slowly to machine and tool.And as trough the horrors the anger grows stronger inside,and the will to live triumphs over the fear and hopelessness.

CAT. NO : TSU035

1. Behind closed doors.
2. Sexual abuse.
3. Tied to chairs.
4. Violence and abuse.
5. Degrading exercises.
6. Bleeding walls.
7. Senseless acts.
8. Involuntary Sadism.
9. Getting exposed.
10. Hidden faces.
11. Time for revenge.