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You are on the field since many years, what do you think about the nightlife? What do you see, it gets better or worse by the time? Can you bear the twisting nights?

After many years of playing and raving my passion for music is still the same, but I have to admit that I’m getting less patient than before. I can’t stand the unprofessional attitude or if technical conditions are below the line. Nowadays when I see my tech rider is not completed I just refuse to play without complaining. For me this is all about respecting each other.

Sometimes when I feel a bit burned out I go somewhere to be alone and recharge my batteries. Being in the nature, playing with my dogs, fishing or reading books are always helpful.

You have changed your name a couple of years ago, and the name Chriss completed with the Ronsonn What was the people’s acceptation with it? Do they know that you are the Hungarian Warm-up king, Chriss?

I think it was not a problem, people who knew me before get used to it quickly. The new generation of clubbers doesn’t even know anything about my backround., I guess.

What do you think, there is still exists the Underground? And how is that, who were previously against the techno now shouts out with mouthfully that they are the biggest techno fans/makers?

Of course, underground will live forever. Regarding the second part of the question, I don’t have a clue. I really don’t care about other people’s business, I try to concentrate on my own music and giving my best to the crowd.

Have you changed – and how – your taste in music over the years and since the beginning? It became harder or do you play softer sets than the early years?

Obviously, but I think that’s the natural order. I’m an open minded person and I play a wide spectrum of music genres. Trends come and go, I am only engaged with quality.

Please tell me a funny story from your nightlife nowadays and tell me a secret, that you didn’t tell anyone before or only a few people know about that.

I started my carreer under the name DJ Hori. I think it sounds so gross, I never tell anyone about this period, I feel a bit embarassed about that.

Thanks for the interview!
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