Beyond The Artist : Fernanda Martins by Watts Shake



‘Beyond The Artist’ is one of the programs produced by Watts Shake. In this show, Watts Shake’s team wants to provide you an interesting, different and fun way of understanding the nightlife industry and lets you discover, from a very personal perspective, the most renowned artists of the electronic music scene.

‘Beyond The Artist’ withFernanda Martins

Watts Shake visited the Brazilian DJ Fernanda Martins at her home in Barcelona (Spain) and followed her for over 24 hours to discover who she is ‘beyond the artist’.

3 cities, 2 gigs in a night, and great moments with one of the most influential artists of the Techno scene nowadays. Fernanda opens herself up and shows you who she is, personally as much as professionally.

Fernanda Martins is one of the key actors of the Brazilian electronic music scene. A contrast of sweetness and intensity, moved by the two loves of her life: DJ Lukas, and music.

In this 20 minutes documentary, discover a little bit more about this artist and what happened, behind the scenes of that night, going from Techno-Flash Festival to the legendary Florida135.