Atom TM and Tobias | New release | Extended Live Set, Berlin 10/12/2014 (Live)



The Atom™ & Tobias duo will releasing a five hour recording from their set on Panorama bar in 2014.
Atom™ and Tobias have been working together since 1991. Elektroniikkaa – Live in Helsinki and Montreux” recording in 1992 was one of the first “live” releases in techno history

“AtomTM and Tobias have been performing live improvised electronic music sets since 1991. The now
mythical “Elektroniikkaa – Live in Helsinki and Montreux” recording (released in 1992 on Rising High and
Ongaku Music), was one of the first “live” releases in techno history. That recording was the starting point for
a long series of live performances and releases, which is leading us to the very piece of music laying in front
of you: “AtomTM & Tobias – Extended Live Set, Berlin 10/12/2014”
Released on AtomTM’s music platform “AtomTM_Audio_Archive” (as catalogue number AAA 157) it is the first
new and unreleased production on “AAA”, since the label’s focus has been AtomTM’s vast back catalogue. As
if this wasn’t novelty enough, the artists manage to surprise with yet another superlative: unless proven
otherwise, their “Extended Live Set, Berlin 10/12/2015” is the first release of its kind – not only that the live
performance itself, excecuted at Berlin’s “Panorama Bar”, was of 6 hours of duration, the recording presented
is released as ONE 5 hour digital (.wav) file! Needles to say that the main intention not to split the recording
into more “manageable” slices, was to reproduce the effect a fully improvised 5 hour + live set generates.
Technically restricted to 4gB, a 16bit .wav file is what the 21st century offers as “high res” music data carrier,
yet it is obvious to state, that “AAA 157″ currently transcends any existing physical format. Techno has finally
arrived at the 21st century.”

You can buy the Digital only release here :
Full version in WAV:
or MP3 in 5, 1-hour segments:

Release date : 11th of November 2015