Ader | Top Techno Chart 2015



1 year=12 months so i have 12 tracks,the best Underground Techno tracks on 2015 for me.Very subjective list so if you have an own list about this year please dont hesitate to share it for us on the comment section!

January : Itzaia,Sopik – Return To Sender (Original Mix) Released on Yin Yang.

February: Oliver Kucera – Eliminate (Original Mix) Released on Kevod Audio

March: Luix Spectrum – Black & White (Original Hard Mix) Released on Wicked Waves Recordings

April: C-System,GabeeN – Retreat (Original Mix) Released on Elektrax Recordings

May: Twist3d – They’re Gonna Get You (Original Mix) Released on Distortus Music

June: Fixon – Bad Election (Original Mix) Released on Illegal Alien Records

July: Dolby D,Funkbrainer – Alter Ego (MicRoCheep & Mollo Remix) Released on Dolma Records

August: Michael Schwarz – Neuronorm (Niereich Remix) Released on Gastspiel Records

September: A-Brothers – Rhythm Rider (Peat Noise Remix) Released on Naughty Pills Records

October: Morison – Dawn (Original Mix) Released on Art Style: Techno Records

November: Cortechs – Black Blotter (Original Mix) Released on Naked Lunch

December: Darmec – Biological Puppets (Original Mix) Released on Bully Beatz